The need for heightened security has become a reality in our ever-changing world. Almost every day, there is an incident that could have been prevented if there was a presence of a proactive guard. Areas with higher crime rates, transients, and places that serve alcohol are all at risk of potential incidents of violence, theft, vandalism, and disorder. By providing a deterrent to crime, residents and patrons feel safer at places of business activity or residence. The commanding presence of a security guard provides the right image.


Never one dimensional, our agents are trained to patrol and protect property and prevent criminal activity, but are also given specialized training for effective communication and customer service skills to enhance a brand's image. Having the right staff ensures customers that a business cares about their safety.

Refreshments on Table

In the retail world, customers not only look for the best pricing, but other factors drive them to a place of business. Parking, proximity, cleanliness, and safety are other reasons why patrons have a favorite location. Contact us to tailor a customized security plan for any type of business or residence.

Aside from preventing problems, security guards protect persons and places by:

  • deterring crime

  • detecting fire and other emergencies

  • rapidly notifying local authorities 

  • alerting unsafe conditions (uneven pavements, water leaks) thus minimizing risk and liability